Opening of the gym

Opening of the gym
Thanks to the renovation of the space on the first floor of the Europa Hotel, guests can not only relax and unwind after a busy day in the sauna, but also strengthen their health in the nearby gym.

The gym is equipped with professional sports equipment for strength and cardio loads, which allows you to develop and maintain various muscle groups in excellent shape.

At the disposal of the hotel Guests:

  • treadmill
  • upper and lower block traction machine
  • back extension machine
  • bench press, biceps, bench press
  • dumbbell rack
  • rack with disks
  • fretboard stand

All the equipment has already been tested and is waiting for Guests. Both professional athletes and beginners will be able to exercise on the simulators — each Guest can set the level of intensity of the load depending on their physical fitness.

Access to the gym for guests staying at the hotel "Europe" is provided in a complementary way.

Opening hours: around the clock.

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